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5716-DK is a high quality stand-alone development and reference board based on SAM5716 (AUDIO & MUSIC MULTI-DSP PROCESSOR) dedicated to high range sound modules and professional effect devices. The SAM5716 can be used in 6 different hardware configurations for different applications. On 5716-DK board the SAM5716 is running in the hardware configuration dedicated to applications with firmware and sound bank stored in NAND Flash, sample cache and extended delay lines in SDRAM. Also it can be used for firmware boot-loaded from serial NOR Flash, e.g. in Professional Audio applications in which the NAND Flash is not required.
  • Specs

    • 2 x Audio DAC: AKM AK4384 (24-bit, DR:106dB, THD+N:-94dB)

    • Audio ADC AKM AK5386 (24-bit, DR:110dB, S/(N+D):96dB)

    •  8Gbit NAND Flash MICRON MT29F8G08ABACAWP

    •  64Mbit SDRAM: MICRON MT48LC4M16A2P-7E

    • 2Mbit SPI NOR Flash memory WINBOND W25X20CLSNIG for firmware and data storage
    • USB High Speed Device Port

    •  Optical SPDIF In and Out
  • Dream NAND Flash Solution

     Support SLC NAND Flash technology (up to 8GByte)
 High polyphony: up to 256 voices + effects
 Transparent pages transfer from NAND to SDRAM buffers
 Automatic error correction (ECC)
 Bad block management and wear leveling ensuring NAND Flash lifetime  AES-protected sound banks with on-the-fly decryption
 Sound bank compiler for NAND Flash technology
  • Operating Modes

    Debug/Program mode, Stand-alone mode
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