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5808-DK is a high quality stand-alone development and reference board based on SAM5808B (AUDIO & MUSIC MULTI-DSP PROCESSOR) dedicated to digital piano, keyboard instruments and digital drums. The SAM5808B can be used in 4 different hardware configurations for different applications. On 5808-DK board the SAM5808B is running in the hardware configuration dedicated to applications with firmware and sound bank stored in NAND Flash, sample cache and extended delay lines in SDRAM.
  • Dream NAND Flash Solution

    DREAM NAND Flash solution allows the storage of large sound banks in cost-effective NAND Flash memory devices. Thanks to its sophisticated sample cache system, the SAM5808B offers high performances, security and reliability:

    • Support SLC NAND Flash technology (up to 8GByte)

    •  High polyphony: up to 189 voices + effects

    •  Transparent pages transfer from NAND to SDRAM buffers

    •  Automatic error correction (ECC)

    •  Bad block management and wear leveling ensuring NAND Flash lifetime
    •  AES-protected sound banks with on-the-fly decryption

    •  Sound bank compiler for NAND Flash technology
  • Hardware Configuration

    5808-DK is designed to be connected to an 88-note velocity sensitive piano keyboard with 2 contacts per key (e.g., FATAR TP40M, 2 contacts). The 5808PIA-DK reference kit includes the 5000FP-DK front panel.
  • Operating Modes

    Debug/Program mode, Stand-alone mode
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