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SAM 5704B

SAM 5704B

Typically used for low cost effect processor and keyboard synthesizer. Includes the same as 5504B as well as supporting additional memory types, and offering 128 pins.
  • max. Polyphony

    81 (with effects)
  • Internal Memory

    Configurable RAM 896kbit, 4x2kx24 DSP RAM
  • External Memory

    SLC Nand Flash (up to 8GByte, 8-bit bus), Nor Flash (up to 512Mbyte), SDR, QSPI NOR, QSPI SRA
  • I/O Interfaces

    1 USB port (Host or Device), Ethernet, SPDIF, serial MIDI, 8-bit parallel Host, QSPI, 10-bit ADC, GPIOs
  • Audio I/O

    16 IN 16 OUT (digital)
  • Size

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