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Electric guitar

All kinds of guitar effects and amplifier solutions, regardless of research and development or production, are readily available!

Guitar Pedal

Effect parameters


guitar input

  • Eight types of guitar styles,Includes Clean, Overdrive, Distortion, Grunge, Metal, Super Drive, Blues and Funky

  • three-band equalizer

  • Fully digital modulation effect

  • Four types of digital effects (Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo and Phaser)

  • Adjust independent Delay/Reverb effects (including Tap Delay, Spring Reverb, Plate Reverb and Hall Reverb)

  • Foot switch, which functions as an effect switch and can be used for mute


Additional features


  • Adjust the pitch of your guitar

Stereo aux input

  • Allows stereo playback, connect the stereo interface to a CD player or MP3 player, etc. to play accompaniment for microphone or guitar/instrument input to play together. Provides volume knob to control playback volume

headphone output

  • Headphone jack provides audio output to headphones


Extensible functionality

  • Different styles of accompaniment drum kits

  • guitar speaker speaker simulation

  • USB interface computer recording function

  • Support FAT16 or FAT32 format system, SDCard play accompaniment drum set

  • Ethernet connection

  • Up to 192kHz S/PDIF (IEC60958)

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