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MIDI Karaoke

Our MIDI KTV technology can reach48 polyphonic voice synthesis with280 instrument sampled GM sound library. There are also independent sound effects, including stereo Reverb, Chorus and EQ equalizer.In terms of microphone input processing, low-cut filters, noise gates, companders, etc. are added to reduce noise input. Various technologies bring you wonderful audio effects!

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MIDI Synthesizer

  1. 48 polyphonic voice synthesis

  2. 280 instrument sample GM sound library, capacity up to 4MB

  3. The storage capacity of the sound library can support up to 32MB

  4. Standalone sound effects including Stereo Reverb, Chorus, Equalizer

  5. Voice Transpose Function:Up to +/- 1 octave (can be used for anti-whistling, harmony and special sound effects)


AES security lock

Provides a memory lock to protect the library and chip firmware


Function improvement

  1. Optional GS sound library (228 instrument samples, 8MB capacity)

  2. Can be boosted to two mic inputs with separate EQ and Reverb effects

  3. Ethernet connection

  4. Support S/PDIF interface up to 192kHz sampling rate (IEC60958)

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