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  • Guitar modeling amp & effects module (pre-loaded with 5704GTFX2 Firmware). The SAM5504, driven by the firmware 5504GTFX-USB described in here, is a fully USB-MIDI controllable high quality Multi-Effect Device, especially made for Guitar FX applications. The SAM5504 includes a Microcontroller and four 24-bit DSP engines, up to 40Kx24 embedded RAM and secure eFuses for code protection. It provides digital interfaces for serial data input and output, a built-in USB device controller, built-in 10-bit ADC for analog inputs like potentiometers and sliders, and plenty of general IO pins for direct connection of user interface controls (switches, LEDs, Graphic-Display etc.).
  • Features

    Multi-Effects module, different configurations (fully user configurable)

    • Stereo HQ-Reverb, mono or Ping-Pong Delay

    • Mod-FX: stereo Chorus, Flanging, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Panning

    • Amp Modeling with 4-stage HQ Distortion algorithm and parametric
    • Equalizer
: 15 bands Parametric Equalizer on outputs, can be used for Cabinet Modeling and for adaptation to frequency response of Guitar Amp loudspeakers

    • USB Audio Class compliant interface (USB MIDI device) for control of all effect parameters
  • Operating Modes

    Debug/Program mode, Stand-alone mode
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