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5704PIA-DK is a high quality stand-alone evaluation board based on SAM5704 (AUDIO & MUSIC MULTI-DSP PROCESSOR). The SAM5704 can be used in 6 different hardware configurations for different applications. On 5704PIA-DK board the SAM5704 is running in the hardware configuration dedicated to digital pianos and keyboard instruments built around low cost Quad SPI memory components. Samples are stored in Quad SPI Flash and read from it in Quad I/O Read Mode (100MHz) through the SAM5704 Sample Cache Controller to reach 81-voice polyphony. Octal SPI is even possible with 2 Quad SPI devices.
  • Includes:

     1 Audio CODEC: AKM AK4556 (24bit | ADC: S/N=103dB, S/N+D=91dB | DAC: S/N=106dB, S/N+D=90dB)  256Mbit Quad SPI Flash Memory: SPANSION S25FL256SAGMFI001  Additional 256Mbit Quad SPI Flash Memory (optional): SPANSION S25FL256SAGMFI001 for Octal SPI mode  DataFlash memory ATMEL AT45DB041E, for Boot, MIDI song recording/playback and data storage  SD-Card socket  USB High Speed - Device mode
  • Hardware Configuration

    This reference design kit also includes a front panel. It is designed to be connected with an 88-note velocity sensitive piano keyboard.
  • Operating Modes

    Debug/Program mode, Stand-alone mode
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