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Corona Development Solutions: Your Best Partner

How long does it take from the development to the production of an electronic musical instrument? The answer may be in years. Just think about the hardware composition of different electronic components, the various functional programs on the software, and all kinds of research and development involved, such as the application of synthesis, the cooperation of software and hardware, the assembling process of the piano cabinet and keys, etc., Each step are vital to the quality of the finished product. Most brand operators want to own their own products, but developing in unknown fields often does not have promising results, especially in a recession environment, the wrong resources can have a severe impact. Therefore, finding a reliable partner to help you may be the most efficient way. Corona Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and focuses on developing high-end systems and solutions for customers worldwide. According to the needs of customers, we will also provide product solutions and consulting services from conceptual design to installation, saving you research and development time and unnecessary research and development expenses.

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