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How to choose a good digital piano?

There are countless digital pianos in the market, and the price ranges from a few hundred dollars to a hundred thousand. There are hundreds of new models every year. In the dizzying market, how to choose a good digital piano? We list a few key points here for your reference.

1. The Key bed The most frequent used part of a digital piano must be the key bed, so the material and quality of the key bed often become the key to the digital piano. In fact, we can evaluate it from several directions: the size of the keys, the weight of the keys, and the materials used to manufactured the keys. Low-end and mid-range digital pianos on the market are mostly made of plastic, and their weight and touch response are quite different from traditional pianos. High-end digital pianos are generally made of a mixture of wood and plastic, which feels more realistic, but the price is relatively high.

2. Tone The previous article also mentioned the importance of timbre. When major brands produce their own exclusive timbre, how can we judge a good timbre? It can be seen from two aspects: the quality of timbre sampling and the fineness of sampling. The timbres of digital pianos all come from traditional pianos, so the quality and fineness of the sampling are the key. The sampling frequency of the recording and the recording studio can control the quality. The quantity of recorded velocity can affect the fineness. Another part worth mentioning is that, the personal choice in timbre. Some of the sampled piano sounds are clearer, brighter, while others are softer, milder. Users can try more to explore their own taste.

3. Functions Nowadays, the functions of digital pianos are varied. Bluetooth, recording, soundbank changing, etc. have all become standard configurations. There are even digital pianos on the market with regular software updates. Before buying, you can list your needs for reference.

Although online shopping is very convenient, when you want to buy a digital piano, it is recommended to try the above-mentioned guidelines, try it in the instrument store nearby.

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