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DREAM IC: The Soul of Electronic Musical Instruments

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

With the popularity of electronic musical instruments, prices have fallen, functions have continued to improve, and they have become standard equipment for both beginners and professional musicians. When it comes to electronic musical instruments, the ever-changing timbres and endless effects may come to mind, but do you know the core of electronic musical instruments?

In fact, the common types of electronic musical instruments are basically played by the user, and when the button is triggered, the chip will receive various data, such as velocity, pitch, etc., so the chip will call the corresponding sound according to the data, and render the sound with effects such as echo, delay if needed.

In light of the above, the quality of the chip has become the most important part of the electronic musical instrument, if the chip cannot handle the dense information, it will greatly affect the sound performance of playing, or even impossible to play.

DREAM is one of a few manufacturers in the market that is open to selling its IC to the market. They provide high-quality and high-performance chips and are equipped with development kits. The platform is open to anyone that is interested in developing electronic musical instruments. And now whether you have a small budget or a big budget, you have a source for IC, and you are able to create Electric Musical Instruments. This leads to healthy competition and brings new products to electronic musical instruments.

At present, the company is a strategic partner and authorized distributor of DREAM in France. We have a series of DREAM products for sale and provide development programs to choose from.

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