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Sound Bank of DREAM : A Living Instrument Stand-in

As mentioned above, the chip is the core of an electronic musical instrument and exists like a soul. As for the sound bank build-in, it can actually be regarded as the muscles of an electronic musical instrument, and the body of the piano is like the skeleton of the musical instrument. Without sound banks, electronic instruments are like empty shells. Traditional musical instruments such as pianos emit sound through strings, and the cabinet amplifies the sound. Without all these parts in electronic musical instruments, how can they emit various sounds?

In fact, what is stored in the electronic piano chip is the pre-recorded real piano sound. When a key is pressed, the software in the chip will play the corresponding sound file. This technique can be called as "sampler".

As for where the sound files come from, you can imagine that it is like asking a singer to sing in a recording studio. First of all, you need a piano with a beautiful sound, and then use a microphone to record each sound of the 88 keys. A good sound library will have very detailed sound files, one key can have up to 20 sound files with different strengths, and even the sounds of pedals and hammers are recorded. In this way, the sound file can comprehensively and accurately present every note played by the user on the electronic instrument, so that the user can have an experience similar to playing a traditional piano.

Corona Technology is the strategic partner and authorized agent of DREAM in France. We have accessed various sound banks and provided development plans to choose from. We welcome all inquiries.

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